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  • 2017年6月18日

The Mills Fabrica Pitch Day 2016: Calling Tomorrow’s Techstyle Heroes
Denis Huen from MedEXO, Tech Award winner; Cherry Chan, PIC of The Mills

The best way to protect the innovations you work so hard to bring to life is to apply for a patent. If you’re planning to apply for a patent, these tips fromMedEXO's
 Denis will come in handy:
  1. Should the product apply for patent protection?
Generally speaking, new technologies and inventions should apply for a patent. On the other hand, mobile phone apps should apply for copyright protection.
  1. What’s the best way to protect hardware and software?
Denis suggests including the software into the hardware’s flow chart in the application so that both are protected by the patent.
  1. Is it expensive to apply for a patent?
That depends on the countries and categories covered. For example, Denis’ application for a “technological invention” patent for the United States costs approximately US$100,000.
  1. Can I apply for a patent myself?
Applying for a patent is a legal process using specialized terms. Therefore, consulting and engaging a patent lawyer is recommended. Otherwise, even if the patent application is successful, omissions and mistakes in the filing can lead to future headaches.
  1. Does one patent apply around the world?
Patents are only valid for a particular region/country. This is also true of the European Union (EU). Even if a patent has been applied for the EU, not all EU countries are necessarily covered. Therefore, while it's more work, it's safer to apply for the patent country by country.

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