【Jumpstarter 1 minute】Ampd Energy – A powerful goal

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  • November 7, 2017
How do you solve a problem that impacts billions of people and millions of businesses?

All across the world, businesses and households live in situations where access to stable power is limited and spotty. As a result of this uncertainty, business operations cannot be guaranteed and peoples’ lives are negatively affected. Ampd Energy aims to change that and bring power security to businesses and people worldwide.
“We saw a problem that affects billions of people and millions of businesses around the world, and that is unreliable power. Here in Hong Kong, we are very lucky to have extremely stable power supply, but the majority of the world is not as fortunate,” said Ampd Founder Brandon Ng.

Ampd Energy specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of advanced battery energy storage systems. Ampd's goal is to provide reliable electricity for the three billion people and millions of enterprises globally that lack stable electricity.

Ampd Energy focuses on designing and building large lithium-ion batteries that provide power for buildings, especially in commercial, enterprise and industrial applications.

“We focus on things like healthcare, telecommunications and I.T. (Information Technology), industrial infrastructure and general commerce such as banking, hospitality and government,” said Ng.

Ampd launched its first product, Ampd Silo, early this year. The Ampd Silo provides advanced energy storage backup systems for mission critical systems and overcomes the shortcomings of diesel generators and lead-acid batteries.

“Two days ago, one of the hospitals where our product is installed suffered a blackout when there was a live operation happening. Because the hospital had access to our backup power solution, the operating theatre could function without any interruption. I really enjoy seeing how much the difference our product makes in the world today and potentially how our product saves lives,” said Ng.

Ng who is from Brunei, was educated as a chemical engineer before working in investment banking and then striking out on his own. As an engineer, Ng is motivated to solve big and complex problems. It is this drive that fueled his intention to start Ampd.

“It affects businesses and the ability of a country to grow economically. So at Ampd Energy, we are using our batteries to provide power for these businesses and we are trying to provide Hong Kong levels of power quality to countries and places that don’t have it,” Ng said.

Beyond backup, Ampd is developing software that will allow a distributed network of Ampd energy storage systems to operate as virtual power stations that replace existing power plants. Ampd intends to focus on Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and South Africa as its first markets.


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