【Jumpstarter 1 minute】CuttingEdge MedTech – Creating precision robots for surgery

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  • November 19, 2017
In the near future, robots will drives our cars, manufacture our goods and perhaps, conduct our surgeries. 
CuttingEdge MedTech designs and manufactures specialized surgical robots and software to aid surgeons during surgery. The company focuses on technical surgeries that require precision such as orthopedics, neural surgeries and oral implants.

CuttingEdge also uses computer imaging to provide patients with personalized, accurate and minimally invasive surgical technology.

“Our unique proposition is software that takes specialized images. When we talk about functional neurosurgery it is to know where the tumor is, and also where the blood vessels or functional areas are. It is in this functional area imaging that we excel,” said CuttingEdge Founder Alan Wang.

Wang says the company’s mission is to make this product beneficial to patients and easy for doctors to use. Within the field of neurosurgery, there are two pain points: First, the software and robotic equipment is expensive; and second, it is complicated to use. 
“These two pain points are what our team needs to solve. We hope that the medical robots we introduce will better enable efficient planning and navigation in specialized neurosurgery that makes it affordable and accessible in lower-tiered Chinese cities,” said Wang.

Wang studied engineering in college and spent nearly a decade working in the medical school of Chinses University, where he worked on image-guided microsurgery. In his experience working in the field, he discovered that many microsurgery imaging and robotic solutions were simply too expensive and too complicated to use on a regular basis. So Wang set out to simplify the process and make robotic surgery and image-guided microsurgery more accessible.

“The dream is simple, and that is to hopefully one day have all microsurgeries performed by robots,” said Wang.

Being an entrepreneur has been a learning journey for Wang.

“There is a constant refinement process to the product. Getting more sensors, getting the right equipment. It’s also a journey of learning. During college, we were not taught how to handle finance or marketing, so we have to learn as we go along,” Wang said. 


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