【Jumpstarter 1 minute】AlikeAudience – Building audiences through a mobile phone

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  • Business
  • November 16, 2017
In today’s noisy, crowded online world, how do advertisers get their message out and across to the right people?
Enter AlikeAudience, a mobile-focused data management platform operating in Asia Pacific. AlikeAudience empowers marketers to reach customers and build a wide audience based on customized parameters. The company is able to build precise audience segments based on verified location insights and the in-app behaviors of over half a billion mobile users. 

“We are a big data company that helps advertisers better target their favorite audience segments when launching their advertisements,” said AlikeAudience Founder Ronald Kwok.

AlikeAudience works by collecting user-permitted and deep device-level data. This data allows AlikeAudience to build a unique view of a user’s mobile habits. The data is then processed by an algorithmic model to rank and weigh the results against the average user to build audience segments.

“The data can be location-based or consumer data. When marketers or advertisers work with us, they are able to get a comprehensive profile of a particular audience segment and use that for their marketing needs,” said Kwok.

AlikeAudience was founded by three like-minded individuals who are obsessed with data.

“We are fans of big data and artificial intelligence. Whether we do well or not do well, it’s up to the market to judge, but we all have this passion for data. There is a lot of potential in the market to use big data in the advertising category,” said Kwok.

Kwok founded AlikeAudience with a high school classmate and a friend he met at a startup event (NAMES OF HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND AND FRIEND FROM START UP).

“At that time, we all had our own full-time jobs. After meeting up several times, we discovered that everyone really wanted to make this dream happen, so we decided to quit our full-time jobs,” Kwok said.

AlikeAudience was launched in early 2017 in Hong Kong and has branched into Taiwan and some Southeast Asian markets. Over time, the company has plans to expand into mainland China by helping international brands and advertisers build suitable audience segments in the market.

“We all know that the mainland market is fiercely competitive. However, we are positioning ourselves to help some international brands to enter China or help Hong Kong enterprises to go abroad to find their overseas markets. This is our long-term goal,” said Kwok.


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