【Jumpstarter 1 minute】Find Solution AI – A couple’s dream to revamp education systems everywhere

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  • November 15, 2017
In Hong Kong’s pressure-cooker educational environment, one start-up founded by a husband and wife team aims to lower the stress for students.

FindSolution Artificial Intelligence creates innovative software solutions for primary and secondary schools to help track the emotional state of students as they work on exercises.

“We built an emotion-sensitive personalized learning platform that enables us to track the faces and hence emotional states of students as they work through digital interactive exercises,” said FindSolution AI Founder & CTO Matthijs Dolsma.

FindSolution can also discover abnormal emotional patterns in students that may be indicative of depression, autism or attention deficit disorder. The company has filed 12 patents, raised HK$ 4 million and closed six school deals.

“We hope Find Solution can help modernize the education system, starting in Hong Kong. The system is still very traditional, but we live in the digital age and I want to help people see how education can be done differently in a way that’s more fun and relaxing to help them become more creative,” said Dolsma.

FindSolution’s goal is to help more than 100 schools in two years. Currently, the company is targeting 10 schools to work with by the end of the year and to expand into China, Malaysia and Singapore, said Viola Lam, Founder & CEO of FindSolution.

Viola has deep experience in the education sector, having started an education centre in 2011. As the centre grew, she found that it was much harder to keep teachers and students aligned and to ensure the quality of the education.

However, the motivation for FindSolution hits closer to home for the Dolsmas. The couple’s eldest son, Noah, was diagnosed with mild autism. By founding FindSolution, they took it upon themselves to fix what they saw was an education system over focused on exams.

“Our aim is to get rid of exams completely, because our platform would know what you are capable of already. For Noah, who is diagnosed with mild autism, he would stand out and not fit into the current education system. Hopefully FindSolution will be able to help kids like him,” said Viola.

FindSolution is also testing the market for the elderly market to use its intelligent platform to measure the emotions of users while they work on games designed to test for Alzheimer’s disease.

“Our future plan is to help as many people as we can. If we can help both my son and society, it is a good thing,” said Viola Lam.

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