【Jumpstarter 1 minute】Farm66 – Green farming to help feed the next generation

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  • November 9, 2017

With a growing global population and climate change impacting crop yields, our ability to feed future generations has become a critical issue. 

Enter Farm66, a company with a noble vision to innovative agricultural technology to grow organic, zero-pollution and low-carbon produce to feed the generations to come.

Farm66 grows produce indoors in industrial buildings using their own technologies developed in-house. Farm66 products have been market-tested through premium retail outlets for the past three years.

“We use innovative technology to grow vegetables. These vegetables are organic with no pesticides, very safe and have a low carbon footprint,” said Farm66 Founder Gordon Tam.
Crops that are farmed outdoors are subject to the vagaries of weather, pests and natural disasters. The advantage of Farm66 is that the company is able to completely control the environment in which the produce is grown. This greatly improves crop quality and production.

“We are indoors, where there are no pests, and we do not have to use pesticides like regular farmers. Right now, we are working to improve our processes to ensure our produce is consistent,” said Tam.

Tam’s journey to founding a startup came about because of his food allergies and sensitivities.

“I’m sensitive to MSG and my nephew has food allergies that give him skin problems. I see a lot of children like my nephew nowadays, and this got me thinking about how to improve the diet for our younger generations through green produce. This way they don’t have to suffer these food sensitivities,” said Tam.

“I hope to do something so for food safety that the next generation can enjoy fresh vegetables and healthy food,” he added.

Tam, who studied sustainable urban development, built a team that complements his skills.
“I have a team of partners who are focused on water treatment, electronic research and marketing. Without them, this project will be impossible, so I’m very happy that I managed to find a group of like-minded people,” said Tam.

Farm66 was founded four years ago and has its main production facilities in Hong Kong. In the future, Tam hopes to bring Farm66 to regions that experience extreme weather and pollution conditions in order to help those countries grow fresh produce.

“Our system is suitable for desert areas or regions with extreme weather. We hope that this product and technology can be exported to foreign countries,” said Tam.



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