【Jumpstarter 1 minute】BeeInventor – Watching out for the well-being of workers

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  • October 10, 2017

BeeInventor has a lofty goal of making the workplace safer for construction workers. The company’s flagship product, the Dasloop, is a smart IoT device that can improve the health and safety and communication of construction workers.

It sits comfortably in existing safety helmets and can be implemented in every construction site in the world. The Dasloop is connected to a cloud-based management portal that could redefine construction site management in the future. The Dasloop also has a camera and other instruments and sensors to measure aspects of a worker’s health, giving supervisors better oversight of working conditions in real time.

BeeInventor is the brainchild of civil engineer Harry Chan, who pulled together an experienced team of professionals in the fields of construction, electronics, IT technology and engineering to create the Dasloop.

“My background is in civil engineering, so I understand that the safety of construction works and inadequate work protection is a paramount concern of the industry,” said Chan.

The first prototype of the Dasloop was launched in January this year after one year of research. Chan said the aim of Dasloop is to improve the overall health and productivity of workers and to become commonplace in construction sites everywhere.

“I hope this product can transform the construction industry. Just like how helmets are integral to worker safety and have not changed much over the years, we hope that Dasloop is able to bring about positive changes in the industry,” said Chan.

Chan worked in the construction industry for nearly two decades before striking it out as an entrepreneur. Chan had always dreamed about creating a product that would have a lasting positive impact on society.

“I had this idea brewing for a long time, and I thought long and hard about starting this business because of the steep opportunity cost involved. But last year, I decided to take the first step because I felt I thought long enough about it, and if I don’t do it, I would regret it,” Chan said.

Chan said he has obtained patents in Hong Kong, China and the European Union and is applying for invention patents in the United States, Britain and Taiwan. The first markets for the Dasloop would be Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.


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