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  • November 1, 2017
Viewider is an e-commerce business solutions provider that simplifies the way online merchants source for, discover and showcase merchandise. Viewider crunches data on popular products and applies algorithms to help merchants price their goods and acts as a one-stop product sourcing search engine for merchants.

Jun Yeung, Founder of Viewider, is no newcomer to the world of e-commerce. Having worked at e-Bay, he successfully launched two businesses before venturing into the world of startups. When he was in secondary school he bought items from Yahoo Japan to resell in Hong Kong. Later, he set up a phone company business to buy phone parts and resell them in the United States.

Some of Viewider clients include TYC, Gigabyte, SaSa and

“When I use technology to operate a business, it means that I created value and I can then share it with the world,” said Yeung.

Viewider is very data-intensive and the technical aspects of the business are deep. The ability to process price data and push it to merchants on its platform means that the data processing power needs to be high. Fortunately, Yeung has a Chief Technology Officer whose main expertise is to process data. Together they form a formidable team.

“When I set up Viewider, I found that brands spend a lot of time understanding the market of their products. This inspired me to research and develop this search engine to make it easier for them to systematically discover and find products,” Yeung said.

Viewider uses big data and artificial intelligence to analyze the pricing and popularity of different items in order to give merchants an unparalleled comparative view of the products.

“Our medium-term goal is to manage expansion into Greater China and Taiwan. We want to have manpower in these three locations and to have our business up and running there. Longer term, we want to become the background of global e-commerce companies,” Yeung said.

One important aspect of running the company is managing the welfare of employees, Yeung said. Successful startups have happy employees and this is the philosophy that three-year-old Viewider tries to abide by.

“A successful start-up treats their employees well and they have a very comfortable working environment. At Viewider, we try to foster a collegial working atmosphere between colleagues and get everyone on the same page. Communication between different offices is key to our success,” said Yeung.


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