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【Jumpstarter 1 minute】Novus Life Sciences Limited – All about your bones

  • by Jumpstarter
  • Business
  • October 17, 2017
Novus is a biotechnology company dedicated to the research and development of bone health and related technologies. 

Novus Founder, Wilson Wong, has been engaged in orthopedic research for 11 years. He studied orthopedics for his master’s degree and his doctorate and was one of the early pioneers in the medical engineering field.

“I spent a lot of time doing research in school but my character is more active and I really like different challenges. So in order to test my own knowledge and challenge myself, I decided to launch a biotechnology company,” said Wong.

Novus is focused on alleviating the symptoms of arthritis and other bone diseases through the roll out of products and services related to orthopedics.

“We constantly conduct R&D, and we also partner with different universities and research institutes to study this subject and to ensure our products are the best quality and meet the needs of the market,” said Wong.

So far, Novus has developed new biomaterials that can be used to fix various bone damage, particularly in delicate and small regions of the body. Novus has also invented techniques to treat osteoarthritis that allows for the restoration of the damaged bone under the cartilage at the joint area. Together with partners, Novus also provided new diagnosis software for the different stages of osteoarthritis based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“I chose to focus the business on orthopedics because there is a need for specialized medical engineering knowledge in the field, especially when it comes to the creation of new biomaterials or medical devices to aid bone health,” said Wong.

In the near future, Wong hopes to raise enough funds to support the continued research of cutting-edge products and to bring the products to market.

However, it has not always been smooth sailing for Wong as the transition from researcher to entrepreneur has at times been rough.

“I think I have a lot of deficiencies. It’s not easy running a business, as my experience has been that of a researcher. Hong Kong is also a relatively difficult place to launch a biotech startup because of the immense pressure on capital. There are obstacles but we believe by listening and learning from our partners, we can work through the issues,” Wong said.

Wong said one benefit about being located in Hong Kong is the good access to reputable research universities. This can spur more innovation and lead to the growth of Hong Kong as a biotechnology hub. 

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