透过参与筹办盛大的初创活动 ,除了汲取工作经验,亦让你走进香港初创生态现场!




  • 2019 年 1 月 23 -24 日
  • 2019 年 1 月 23 -24 日
AutoX 现场示范
了解即将改变零售模式以至日常生活的无人驾驶技术 —— AutoX。
  • 2019 年 1 月 23 -24 日
  • 2019 年 1 月 23 -24 日
DJ Mick Batyske现身会场
将派对转化为事业的写照,Mick Batyske将会分享他如何将创意扩展成多元化的事业。
  • 2019 年 1 月 23 -24 日
换上篮球鞋,走入创业盛典里的篮球场,利用话题性与革命性兼具的篮球训练 app HomeCourt测试身手!
  • 2019 年 1 月 23 -24 日
Break It Make It #1|擁抱突破和創新精神
Break It Make It #2|曾俊華: 未來屬於跳出框框的人!
Break It Make It #3|林凱源 : I’m the last man standing
Break It Make It #4|森美 : 突破都要有的放矢
Break It Make It #5|盧俊賢 : 缺陷之中追求卓越
Break It Make It #6|Anaïs Mak : 堅持初心,特立獨行
Impact of Things (IMoT),由亚洲社企创新奖策划的一个跨界别的崭新平台,连结各亚洲创革者一同以「理念主导」 (purpose-driven) 啟发创新点子,推动社会改变。亚洲社企创新奖由香港社会创投基金(SVhk)主办,是首个亚洲性社会初创企业创新比赛,致力啟发大眾共同改善社会问题。





















Akiko Naka is the Founder and CEO of Wantedly, Inc. which was founded in Tokyo in 2010. She started out as an equity saleswoman in Goldman Sachs before pursuing her passion as a professional manga comic artist. When that didn’t take off, she joined Facebook Inc. (Japan) as one of the pioneering members. However, Akiko wanted to create an even larger social impact and eventually left Facebook to start Wantedly, Inc.

Wantedly is a social recruitment platform with the mission to create a world where work drives passion. We do this by connecting like-minded companies and talents based on passion and interest, rather than pay and benefits. We currently have over 29,000 companies and 2.4 million monthly active users across Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Akiko took the company public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2017 and became one of the youngest female CEO/Founders in Japan to achieve such a success. Since then, Bloomberg has titled her as the “Startup Queen”. Wantedly plans to continue it’s global expansion in the upcoming years and spread its mission to create a world where work drives passion.




Leo was born and raised in Hong Kong, currently the founder of BornTea, the inventor of the Instant Cold-brew Tea. Previously, at the age of 22, Leo started his first company Sensbeat, the creator of omv and Sensbeat app which had more than 200,000 users and received USD1M in seed funding during college.

Leo has received the Champion of Young Entrepreneur in HK in 2014, Grand Prize Champion in Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge, and featured in the 1st HK International Entrepreneurs Festival. Leo was also a national finalist of CCTV2 <<创业英雄汇>>, the Chinese version of Shark Tank. Prior to Sensbeat - Leo was a student, Cohort Chief, and a Class Anchor of class 2014 at Hong Kong University of Science an Technology.

Leo is a regular swimming contestant - he received 2nd in an Aquathon Swim and more than 40 swimming awards at schools - he loves playing football and cooking a lot too!




Siu Rui is a co-founder of Carousell, and as the CEO is responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction for the company. Since the launch of Carousell in August 2012 together with co-founders Marcus Tan and Lucas Ngoo, Siu Rui has been deeply involved in product strategy, international expansion and growth. He is passionate about technology and has been buying and selling online since he was 13. This has been a driving force behind Siu Rui’s commitment to building a product-focused company, focused on solving meaningful problems for people globally.

Prior to Carousell, Siu Rui spent some time in marketing and product management at VSee, Ogilvy & Mather and DBS Vickers. Siu Rui read Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at National University of Singapore and Stanford University (Under the NUS Overseas College Program in Silicon Valley, California), and dropped out of his Honours year to start Carousell.

Carousell is a classifieds marketplace that makes selling as easy as taking a photo, buying as simple as chatting. Launched in August 2012, Carousell began in Singapore and now has a presence in seven markets across Asia. With over 171 million listings, we are one of the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplaces in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and is backed by Rakuten Ventures, Sequoia India, 500 Startups, Golden Gate Ventures, DBS and EDBI. The Carousell marketplace has a diverse range of products across a variety of categories, including cars, lifestyle, gadgets and fashion accessories.


Timeless 创办人


Hailed by former US Attorney General of New York Preet Bharara as one of 100 extraordinary change-makers and by Susan Cain of Quiet Revolution as one of the great writers and thinkers of her generation, 14-year old Emma Yang (楊君熙) is a 3-time Carnegie Hall Performer, MIT-Solver, TEDx Speaker, and the Founder of Timeless, a mobile app that empowers Alzheimer’s or Dementia patients stay engaged and connected to loved ones.

Since its inception in 2016, Timeless has garnered many awards and media attention around the world including Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, BBC, CBS, CGTN America. In 2017, Timeless was selected as the winner of the MIT-Solve Brain Health Challenge. Emma was designated as one of the 38 MIT-Solvers out of nearly 1,000 teams from 103 countries. In 2018, Timeless was named the Grand Prize Winner of the Women Startup Challenge hosted by Women Who Tech and Google. Most recently, Timeless was the recipient of Bayer Foundations' Aspirin Social Innovation Award.

An avid coder, Emma is passionate about Computer Science, Music, History, and Languages. In 2015, Emma won first place in the US and second place globally in Technovation Challenge, a global technology entrepreneurship competition for girls, out of 400 teams from more than 60 countries. In 2016, Emma was named one of New York’s 10 Under 20 Young Innovators to Watch and Crain’s New York’s 20 Under 20. In 2017, Emma was selected as one of the 100 Faces of Impact globally by Impact Squared. In 2018, Emma was invited to be ARM’s Global Youth Ambassador, representing her generation in using technology to push boundaries & enrich lives.

Emma excels academically and is a Davidson Young Scholar, a member of Johns Hopkins University Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional Talent (SET), and the youngest ever mentee to enter Wolfram Research’s Mentorship Program. In 2016, Emma was the youngest participant of the White House’s Opportunity Project, representing Wolfram Research in bringing the power of the Wolfram Language to solve problems using Open Data.

A frequent panelist and keynote speaker at national and international forums, Emma recently spoke at the Asian American Community Development Conference, TEDxFoggyBottom, Talks at Google, Misk Talk, Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, and Women Who Code Conference to name a few. Aside from her school and entrepreneurship life, Emma is also a contributing writer for Quiet Revolution’s Quiet Diaries, a space for young voices to post their perspectives on life.

Born in Hong Kong, fluent in English, Chinese, and learning Latin and French, Emma’s goal is to speak as many languages as possible. In her free time, Emma enjoys listening to podcasts, music, reading, biking, and going to movies.

Naina Subberwal Batra



Naina joined AVPN as our CEO from September 2013, and has been appointed as Chairperson in May 2018. Naina’s leadership over the past 5 years has grown the AVPN membership by more than 3x and elevated the organization into a truly regional force for good. Under her direction, the organization has grown from focusing only on Venture Philanthropy to supporting the entire ecosystem of Social Funders from philanthropists to impact investors and Corporate CSR professionals. She was instrumental in developing AVPN’s innovative services that connect, empower and educate the now 500+ members of AVPN.

Prior to joining AVPN, Naina was a member of the senior leadership team of a purpose driven unit of The Monitor Group, a leading global strategy consulting firm, aimed at catalyzing markets for social change. Naina was also partner and Co-Founder of Group Fifty Private Ltd, curating contemporary Indian art with a view to provide a medium for upcoming and established Indian artists to showcase their work directly to a large and diverse audience.

Naina has a master’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University where she graduated at the top of her class. She also holds a bachelor degree in Economics and International Relations from Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, USA and a General Course Diploma in economics from The London School of Economics



凭着在 FPGA、CPLD、结构化 ASIC 和挥发性记忆体方面的广泛知识背景,Sammy 是可编程半导体制作方面的专家。在这个行业工作了 23 年后,他和联合创办人魏启杰意识到他们需要一种更好的方式来制作可编程产品,才能真正解决用户的问题。为实现这一目标,他们于 2012 年成立了 Efinix, Inc. (Efinix)。

创办 Efinix 之前,Sammy 是 Stretch, Inc. 公司 集成电路部的副总裁,同时也是 Altera 负责开发 HardCopy 产品的高级总监。Sammy 的事业始于 1990 年,当时他任职于 Cypress Semiconductor。





由于对选材、食谱、相片、设计和短片的质素要求严格,配合多方面的营商策略和与本地知名品牌的合作,日日煮成为香港其中一个最受欢迎的网上烹饪平台,每月拥有50万不重复到访人次及400万浏览量。 Norma积极推行多元化业务,包括手机应用程式、自家酱及蜜茶等,更开设工作室,每星期举办烹饪班与各位粉丝互动交流 。

2015年初,日日煮进军内地市场,视频节目在国内视频平台上点击量超过 40亿次,平台本身也超过3000万的订阅粉丝。因其受欢迎的程度,日日煮于2017年获得了K11、阿里巴巴一亿人民币B轮融资。

内地方面,日日煮的发展更着重于电商业务及线下体验店。 2017年日日煮开始涉足线下体验型消费领域,在上海 广州 武汉已开设美食生活体验馆,让用户接触体验到更全方位的「极致生活方式」。 2018年将进驻全国10个城市。




Peggy Choi is the founder and CEO of Lynk, a global knowledge sharing platform that is disrupting the way business decisions are made. Peggy founded Lynk in 2015 with the mission of making knowledge more accessible.

In her previous career in finance, Peggy recognized that companies of all sizes and in all geographies faced similar needs for the right knowledge every day. She was inspired to revolutionize access to knowledge for people and enterprises across all industries and parts of the globe. Seeing the value of insights from the right advisors, executives or experts to inform crucial decisions, Peggy created Lynk.

Before starting Lynk, Peggy worked in banking and investments in the US and UK for several leading firms. Most recently, Peggy was an investor on the team that helped create the Special Situations strategy at TPG Capital in San Francisco. Prior to that, she was a private equity investor in the technology space at Silver Lake Partners in London and worked with some of the world’s largest technology companies while in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs in New York.

Peggy grew up in Hong Kong and Singapore, then studied Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania and Finance at The Wharton School. She remains passionate about creating things, especially art and sculpture.




Lehui Liang



Ms. Lehui Liang is the Associate Director of Portfolio Management of SVhk. She oversees the firm’s investments in portfolio social ventures, including each ventures’ social impact measurement and financing initiatives. She also liaises with external funders to fund SVhk’s early stage initiatives and manages the funder relations process, from proposal to reporting. Ms. Liang graduated from Wellesley College and worked in banking prior to joining SVhk.

Philo Alto

Asia Value Advisors


Philo Alto is the founder and CEO of Asia Value Advisors (AVA), a purpose-driven philanthropic capital advisory firm based in Hong Kong. Through bespoke advisory services, convening, and research, AVA seeks to inform and inspire individuals and organizations to create sustainable impacts.

His work included advising The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust on program curation for its inaugural Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum in 2016 with 60 globally-renowned speakers and attracting over 1,300 delegates. Previously, he co-organized an impact investing forum in Hong Kong for East and South East Asia with the Rockefeller Foundation adopting an ecosystem to the impact investing market.

Philo has also co-authored two publications: “Mind the Gap: Lessons and Findings from EngageHK” and “Adopting the London Principles: Policy Considerations to Grow Impact Investing in HK”. His work has been cited in the media such as the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Alliance magazine, and the book, “The Power of Impact Investing”. Philo was appointed as a member of the global editorial board for the Alliance magazine.

Philo received his MBA and MPA from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. He is an investment banker by training (Goldman Sachs and Citibank alumnus) prior to founding AVA. His voluntary engagements include serving as a director and communitylead of the Harvard Club of Hong Kong, global advisor of Social Ventures Hong Kong, and an officer of the HBS Association of HK







2012年9月,被任命为阿里巴巴集团首席技术官。2014年,成立了跨杭州和西雅图的iDST(Institute of Data Science & Technologies),从事前瞻性研究。








設計師麥雋亭 Anais Mak 於1989年在香港出生;2012年畢業於巴黎時裝學府STUDIO BERÇOT,同年創立品牌ANAÏS JOURDEN。作品曾刊載於《VOGUE》,《NUMÉRO》,《紐約時報》等權威時尚媒體,現於國際主要零售商包括COLETTE、BARNEYS、NEIMAN MARCUS, IKRAM、SHOPBOP、連卡佛、JOYCE及全球等地發售。品牌2015年入選由LVMH集團設立的《LVMH PRIZE》準決賽,及贏得VOGUE ITALIA 舉辦的 《WHO IS ON NEXT 2015》。JOURDEN除在過往與COLETTE及BARNEYS推出聯乘外,亦常見於藝人與模特身上,如新西蘭新銳歌手LORDE、 名模NAOMI CAMPBELL及GIGI HADID均曾穿上其設計出席場合。2018年ANAÏS JOURDEN正式登上巴黎時裝週OFFICIAL CALENDAR舉辦第一場天橋秀。



胡陈德姿女士是冰雪集团控股有限公司主席兼行政总裁。冰雪集团是一家领先的跨媒体市场营销和推广策略的创意制作公司, 团队遍及香港、北京和马尼拉,项目遍布全球, 公司亦在香港联合交易所的创业板上市.

在 Bonnie 的领导下,冰雪集团为超过 250 个品牌提供服务,随着不同的技术运用、持续发展创意人才,配合一流的生产规则和战略思想应用,为品牌客户带来变革性的成果。

Bonnie 重视讲故事的艺术 - 尤其热爱跨文化故事。 2017 年,她与格林美奖得主、嘻哈艺术家 LUPE FIASCO 共同创立了Studio SV Limited。该工作室制作的原创剧集“BEAT N PATH” 更在全球 15 个国家播放,连接了不同的地区的文化。

工作之余,Bonnie在推动创意行业、文化艺术与教育发展方面不遗余力,并担任香港特区政府多个部门以及非政府组织和慈善机构的顾问委员和领导,包括非牟利当代艺术机构Para Site艺术空间董事,与及香港设计中心副主席。


Bonnie毕业于牛津大学,修读哲学、政治学与经济学,并获学士和硕士学位。她同时是阿斯彭全球领导力网络(Aspen Global Leadership Network)之中国成员。





Hillary Yip is the 13-year-old founder and CEO of MinorMynas, which aims to connect kids for real-life learning. In 2016, she won the 1st Prize and Best Business Award at the AIA Emerging Entrepreneur challenge in Hong Kong at the age of 10 and it was the beginning of her entrepreneurship journey.

The MinorMynas beta iOS app was launched in May 2017. As on Nov 30, 2018, the app has over 43,000 downloads across over 50 countries.

She has been invited to share her idea on many occasions, most recently at the Yidan Prize Summit 2018 and Social Enterprise Summit 2018. In the past, she has spoken as keynote speaker, panelist and other ways of speeches and pitches including Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund JUMPSTARTER Grand Finale 2017, Leading Women in Futurism Series with The Women's Foundation, StartmeupHK Festival 2016 & 2017, EdTech Asia Summit 2017, Singularity University Master Class, HKTDC Entrepreneur Day 2018, Hub Plus Summit 2018, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group Leaders to Leaders Summit 2018, various speakers series at the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and many more. In 2017, Hillary delivered a speech at TEDxTinHauWomen talking about her journey in education. Apart from being a sought-after speaker in events and conferences, Hillary also actively engaged in many speaking opportunities to inspire young people in schools, entrepreneurship boot camps, and leadership classes.

Hillary and MinorMynas have been widely featured by many media outlets including the BBC, Yitiao (一条), South China Morning Post, HK Economic Journal and Tatler to name a few. In Oct 2018, her article is being featured by the digital newsletter of the Malala Fund. Her story of being a visionary young entrepreneur has been circulated globally.

肖健雄(Professor X)

AutoX Inc.

肖健雄 :AutoX 创始人;MIT 博士 ;曾任普林斯顿大学计算机系担助理教授,并创办了普林斯顿大学计算机视觉和器人实验室(Computer Vision and Robotics Lab Computer Vision and Robotics Lab),在 AI 领域里有很高的建树和影响力。

2012年,肖健雄首次提出了用深度学习实现三维点云的视觉感知,融合passive sensing(摄像头)和active sensing(激光雷达),是三维深度学习学术研究领域的开创者。他曾先后获得MIT Technology Review年度“35位年轻创造者” (MIT TR 35 Innovators Under 35)杰出创业者,让AutoX成为MIT TR35 史上唯一的无人驾驶公司;他领导MIT、普林斯顿联合团队,于2016年获得全球著名的亚马逊货拣机器人竞赛(Amazon Picking Challenge )世界第三、四名;在2014、2015年连续获得谷歌教授科研奖,美国家自然基金究项目奖,英特尔Intel 研究项目奖;早在博士求学时期,他获得了2011年麻省理工学院 MIT CSW 最佳研究成果奖,2012年谷歌北美计算机视觉奖学金, 2012 年谷歌度最佳学术论文奖, 2012 年 ECCV(欧洲计算机视觉会议)最佳学术论文奖等诸多荣誉。



蔡崇信于1999年加入阿里巴巴集团·是公司18 位创始人之一,2013年5月前一直担任首席财务官,目前担任阿里巴巴集团董宁局执行副主席,并负责阿里巴巴集团的战略收购和投责事务。自公司成立以来,蔡祟信一直担任董事会成员,是阿里巴巴合伙的创始合伙人之一,同时担任合伙人委员会成员。

蔡崇信现任多间获阿里巴巳集团投责的公司之董事,包括口碑(本地服务)、饿了么(外卖 服务)、菜鸟网络(物流)及Magic Leap。

1995至1999年,蔡崇信任职于瑞典瓦伦堡家族的主要投责公司Investor AB的香港分部从事私募股权投资。在此之前,蔡崇信为纽约管理层收购公司Rosecliff, Inc.的首席法律顾问。 1990至 1993年,他在纽约的律师事务所Sullivan& Cromwell LLP担任税务组律师。



Pedosa Group


Jordan Fung is an award-winning 16-year-old technology entrepreneur from Hong Kong and is currently the Founder and CEO of Pedosa Group.

He founded his first startup, an online tech learning platform and community, at the age of 9. With limited resources, he launched an online campaign to recruit volunteers and sponsors. He then led a team of over a hundred developers around the world and launched the platform in August 2012, shortly after his 10th birthday. Within months, it had hundreds of thousands of active users. He later founded the Pedosa Group, a technology and digital media company which pioneers advanced technologies including a modular Internet-of-Things infrastructure and workflow, which had received widespread media coverage and had received awards from the UN, the EU, and HK government.

He actively promotes youth entrepreneurship through founding a number of NGOs including a local school network which consolidates resources for youth startups and has since incubated dozens of startups founded by under-18s. He had also been invited to speak at international conferences and serves on the boards of international and local organisations and held talks with the government to put forward change and to create a better environment for youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mick Batyske



MICK is a Brooklyn-based multi-talented creative with influential footprints internationally – from New York to LA, Davos to Cannes, and London to Tokyo. He is a DJ, style influencer, tech investor, music curator and brand consultant.

He has spun private events for some of the world’s most prominent celebrities, brands, tech companies and philanthropic organizations including Adidas, Entertainment Weekly, HBO, Instagram, Jay Z, Michelle Obama, Miguel, Prince, Twitter, Vanity Fair and Walmart.

As an influencer, MICK has worked with brands like Airbnb, Beats By Dre, Cadillac, GQ, and Mastercard.

His press coverage includes Complex, Coveteur, Cheddar, Entrepreneur, Hollywood Reporter, Inc, New York Times, and Vogue.

Inc Magazine referred to him as "combination of Gary Vaynerchuk and Questlove.” Also, Entrepreneur mag called him: “the center of everything in relevant in tech and culture.”

MICK speaks regularly on creativity and entrepreneurship to brands, conferences and universities, including Cannes Lions, Harvard, MIT, Nike, and Twitter.

He invests in and advises a plethora of start-ups, including Anchor, Dot Dot Dash, Localeur and Winc.

Most importantly, MICK is most proud of his young son, @mylesXB, who amazingly does even more fun photoshoots than his dad. :)



森美毕业于香港中文大学新闻与传播学院,1994年透过参加商业电台的DJ选举比赛而成为电台节目主持,现主持当红电台节目“早霸王”及“公子会”,2001年被商业电台选为 「16-25岁最受欢迎DJ」。过往多达25本作,更曾为多份报章杂志撰写专栏,2001 - 2006年更于香港中文大学新闻及传播学院担任兼职讲师任教电台制作。除担任有线及无线电视节目主持,多个活动主持人外,亦曾推出多个音乐作品,演出舞台剧,栋笃笑,参与多部电影及电视剧的演出等,是一位多才多艺的艺人。


NEX Team


David Lee is Co-Founder and CEO of NEX Team Inc., a Silicon Valley-based startup building mobile AI technologies that understand and analyze mobile video capture in real-time. The team is currently focused on their iOS app, HomeCourt, which applies these technologies to basketball, allowing players to better understand and improve their own game one shot at a time. Prior to founding NEX Team, David spent over 8 years at Apple where he led the engineering group behind iWork for iCloud, which further developed technologies from his earlier startup, EditGrid (acquired by Apple in 2008).




Francis Ngai is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Social Ventures Hong Kong (www.sv-hk.org). He is also the Founder of Playtao Education, Bottless, Hatch co-working factory, Sonova Institute and Co-Founder of Green Monday and RunOurCity etc.

Since founded in 2007, SVhk has invented and incubated more than 40 social innovation projects, including LightBe affordable housing and Diamond Cab. Being an Impact Purpose Organization, it dedicates to innovating social change through pioneering impact ventures, aggregating impact capital and providing Business 2.0 consultancy.

Prior to establishing SVhk, Francis was the Head of Strategy in a listed technology conglomerate in HK. He graduated from the City University of Hong Kong and was conferred as an Honorary Fellow by the University in 2013. He was selected as one of the 100 Asia Pioneers by The Purpose Economy in 2014, a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2012, one of Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2011 and Honorary Fellow of the Education University of HK in 2018. He also serves as Deputy Chairman of Asia Venture Philanthropy Network.

As an ultra-running veteran, Francis completed The North Pole Marathon in 2013, Sundown Ultra-marathon 100km Race and the 250-km Gobi March of the 4 Deserts race series.



陈智思现为全国人民代表大会代表,于2004-2009年为香港行政会议成员,并自2012年起再度出任,现乃行政会议非官守议员召集人。1998 - 2008年间曾为保险界立法会议员。

毕业于美国加州Pomona College的陈智思,现职亚洲金融集团及亚洲保险总裁;并为香港泰国商会主席、盘谷银行(中国)顾问。陈智思为几家本地及海外的金融机构、制造业公司担任董事会成员。2015年为阿里巴巴成立的香港创业者基金担任基金董事。


陈智思于 2002年荣膺太平绅士衔;2004年获泰国政府颁发Commander (3rd Class) of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand;2006年获香港特区政府颁授金紫荆星章。彼曾获岭南大学、香港城市大学及香港公开大学颁授荣誉博士学位。


Dennis Plomp

Nest Ventures


With experience in fundraising, Dennis helps manage the Nest Ventures portfolio and investor relations.

Dennis has over 16 years of experience in PE, VC investments and M&A advisory across Europe and Asia. He has a successful track record of over 60 corporate finance transactions with companies ranging from start-ups to stock listed corporates. Dennis specialises in hands-on PE & VC portfolio management, supporting businesses in various industries with their expansion across Asia, the UK and Europe. Prior to Nest, Dennis advised tech start-ups on late-stage seed and Series A fundraising as Director of Corporate Finance and M&A Advisory at an investment and advisory boutique in London. Dennis lived in Hong Kong from 2010 to 2012 and returned late 2015. He has been active in the start-up ecosystems in London and Hong Kong, most recently co-founding Get in the Ring UK, part of the world’s largest pitch competition for start-ups.

Justin Lai

Country Manager (Hong Kong)
Wantedly, Inc.


Justin Lai joined Wantedly, Inc. in 2017 as one of the first members on the Hong Kong expansion team. Wantedly is a social recruitment platform with the mission to create a world where work drives passion. We do this by connecting like-minded companies and talents based on passion and interest, rather than pay and benefits.

Justin was born and raised in Upstate New York only moving to Hong Kong in 2015 to kickstart his professional career. Prior to joining Wantedly, he worked in the regional digital team of a 4A’s advertising agency for nearly three years. He is now responsible for the overall growth and success of Wantedly here in Hong Kong.

Sui Yang Phang

Nest Ventures


Sui’s goal at Nest is to help corporates to innovate. With a keen awareness that no two institutions are alike, he works with partners to understand their unique innovation objectives, and to design bespoke, results-orientated programmes to suit their needs.

Prior to joining Nest, Sui spent 11 years with Citi Global Markets, first in Kuala Lumpur, and then Hong Kong. There, he helped clients to create tailored solutions in risk management and investments. Working with corporates, both large and small, financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds, Sui led deals that won industry recognition with multiple awards.

Lori Granito

女性领袖培训、专业演讲家、TEDx 演讲培训导师兼演讲策略师


Lori is a 4x TEDx Speaker, 2x Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, professional speaker, and has built 4 multi million dollar businesses. She is the founder of Legendary Coaching & the Boss Lady Millionaires Club. Her mission is to help increase the percentage of women running million dollar businesses (currently a paltry 2%) by sharing their message, scaling their businesses and impacting the world.

She is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Kitchen Sync, Hong Kong’s first culinary incubator for start up food entrepreneurs. She is also the owner of several other restaurants and catering companies, including the multi-award winning Magnolia private kitchen.

Lori has lived in Hong Kong for 27 years. Her businesses have been featured in publications such as Travel and Leisure, Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Essence, and The Robb Report. Her television appearances include CNBC’s ‘The Winners’, CNN’s Global Office program, and a six week run on Bloomberg's Asia Confidential. She is a former chairwoman of the Hong Kong Women Business Owner’s Association, Former Vice Chair of the Soho Association, and is on the board of the Women’s Entrepreneur Network in Hong Kong.

María Benjumea

South Summit


María Benjumea is founder and CEO of Spain Startup, organizer of South Summit, the global platform that brings together the key players of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and that in just four years has become the leading innovation meeting with 12,500 attendees and more than 1,7 billion dollars raised by its finalist startups in previous editions.

María Benjumea has stood out throughout her career for the defense of entrepreneurship, innovation and the concept of "if you want you can". Her leadership has been materialized in projects such as Infoempleo, Lidera and Taller de Arte. Founding member of International Women Forum Spain, she has been vice president of Secot and Círculo de Empresarios. María Benjumea has received several awards including the Gold Medal for Merit and Work.

Dr. Vincent Chow



Dr. Vincent Chow is the founder and CEO of En-trak, the award-winning Smart Building IoT company. Founded in 2013, En-trak designs and sells a hardware-agnostic data platform that integrates different building data into one centralized platform. With advanced algorithms and machine learning, this empowers building owners with invaluable data and insights into how their buildings are performing and provides actionable intelligence. This helps to manage and optimize their resource utilization, improve productivity and cost efficiencies.

Since then, he has led the company from bootstrapping to profitability. Today, over 350 world-class customers from around Asia including Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx), Hong Kong Convention Centre, Singapore Maritime Port Authority (MPA) and Fuji Xerox, among many are using their solutions.

In 2017, En-trak emerged as the top 3 teams in the Jumpstarter competition. In 2018, they successfully closed their 1st investment round from the Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund and CLP Innovation Fund.

A civil engineer by training, Dr. Chow was awarded the prestigious UK DfT scholarship where he received his Ph.D from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Dr. Chow is a Singaporean and currently based out of Hong Kong.



黄永东先生是Qupital的创办人及行政总裁。 Qupital是一家香港的金融科技公司,致力以尖端的科技及贸易大数据分析打造供应链融资及风险管理平台,让广泛的中小企业及跨境电商可通过安全、可靠的线上平台,与专业投资者连接,快速及安全地完成融资交易。同时也为投资者提供了一个全新的资产类别,促成双赢局面。


Billy Naveed

Young Founders School


Billy Naveed is the CEO and founder of Young Founders School, a non-profit that helps high school students learn about entrepreneurship. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and has invested in over a dozen startups around the world.

Currently he is co-head of hedge fund sales and leads Equities digitisation for Credit Suisse in Asia. In this capacity he advises large money managers on their public and private tech investments. Billy is not only an active investor but also building his fifth startup, this time in the entertainment space

Billy is a Milken institute Young Leaders and a fellow of the Australian institute of corporate directors. He studied Economics at Warwick University and Masters in Economics and Finance at Warwick Business School

Crystal Pang



Crystal Pang is the CEO and co-founder of Pickupp, a technology enabled logistics platform focused on optimization and supply chain management, providing affordable and tailored delivery solutions for couriers, brands and retailers.

Prior to Pickupp, Crystal gained expertise scaling marketplace & driving growth as a Senior Operations Manager at Uber from 2014-2016. She acquired critical product development experience from Chinascope Financials, a Shanghai-based Fintech startup where she served as Deputy CEO (2012-2013), and from MathWorks, where she served as software engineer (2004-2006) focusing on optimization algorithms for fixed income and currency hedging in Boston.

Crystal was a former investment banker at BofA Merrill Lynch (2008-2012) and Credit Suisse(2007) with extensive cross-border M&A and capital markets experience.

Crystal holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Biomedical Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.










Mr Gordon Chi Ho Tam(谭嗣籇), Founder & CEO of Farm66, is devoted to the Agri-tech project of urban innovative farming. He especially focuses in sustainable concepts and research in Hong Kong and the feasibility of automatic environmental controlled vegetables farming factory. After graduating from the BA programme in architectural design and the MSc in Sustainable Urban Development, he founded Farm66 that grows organic vegetables from an old industrial building that was transformed into a hi-tech farm in Tai Po district. Production is thriving inside the converted industrial building and mass produces over hundred tonnes of lettuce per year. Not only does it allow him to follow his passion for nurturing plants, it also breathes new life into a part of town that is known more for its dilapidated industrial buildings than organic farming.

In recent years, Gordon has been invited by many corporations, schools and social enterprises to give lectures on scientific research in agriculture and environmental protection. He has received much attentions from both local and overseas media with a lot of press coverage. Local and overseas experts have paid visits to Farm66 to share the knowledge. Since 2016, he has been appointed as a board director and a committee member of the Federation of Hong Kong Agricultural Associations. For him, it is gratifying to be a city farmer, growing healthy vegetables for the next generation of Hong Kong. This is a viable business in Hong Kong because of a demand for healthy produce and the growing awareness of food safety.

In 2014, Farm66 received a patent for its Factory-type Urban Farming System. Subsequently in 2015, it was given the “Carbon Smart Award” and “Hong Kong Industries: Equipment and Machinery Design Award”. Other achievements include the “2016 Technological Achievement Award of Merit”. Gordon’s vision clearly struck a chord, winning top 3 of the JumpStarter 2017, funded by the Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund.

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman

Minister of Youth and Sports
Ministry of Youth and Sports of Malaysia


Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is the Minister of Youth and Sports and a Member of Parliament of Muar, Johore. He is the co-founder and currently the Youth Chief of BERSATU.

Syed Saddiq is a law graduate from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), received an Academic Fellow at Temple University, Dialogue Institute on the Art of Dialoguing & Religious Pluralism. He was also appointed as the Special Officer in the Prime Minister’s office under YB Nancy Shukri. From 2015 – 2016, Syed Saddiq was an active researcher for Bait Al-Amanah, one of the renown Think Tank Institution under the Johor State Government.

His experiences prior to joining politics was as the International Debate Coach for over 25 countries worldwide, columnist for MalaysiaKini, FMT & Yahoo, member on the National Consultative Council on Political Financing, Editor-in-Chief of the Monash Debate Review and a Consultant on Public Policy.

His passion in public speaking and dialogue is evident from his active participation worldwide. He was selected to be part the speaker for the Geneva on Corruption, youth events such as Malaysia Social Media Week 2018, National Aspiration Leadership Summit and TedxYouthKL.

As a recognition over his contribution to the youth, he is a proud recipient of Perdana Belia Negara Award, Malaysian Muslim Youth Leaders, Youth Merdeka Award and Tokoh Siswa Award.


Green Monday


David Yeung is the Founder & CEO of Green Monday, a multi-faceted social venture with the mission to take on the world’s most pressing crises of climate change, food insecurity and public health. With the global sustainability movement in Green Monday, the market-transforming plant-based retail, dining and distribution network in Green Common, and the revolutionary food technology innovation in Right Treat and Omnipork, Mr. Yeung has pioneered a one-of-a-kind integrated platform that engages and empowers millions of people, along with public and private sectors, towards green awareness, action and economy. His work earns him the award of “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” by the World Economic Forum and Schwab Foundation. Other honors and recognitions include “Roddenbrry Prize”, “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Hong Kong” and “50 Most Innovative Companies”.

As a noted environmentalist and entrepreneur, Mr. Yeung has spoken at the World Economic Forum, Milken Institute Summit, TEDx, as well as financial and academic institutions such as Credit Suisse, UBS and UCLA. International media coverage of Green Monday and Mr. Yeung includes CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and Forbes.

Mr. Yeung is a graduate of Columbia University, an Ashoka Fellow, and a director of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation and Hong Kong Buddhist Association. He is also the author of a number of best-selling books on Zen wisdom and mindfulness.

Djoann Fal



Djoann co-founded GetLinks in January 2015. A visionary, asian start-up guru and proud geek, Djoann is passionate about driving social impact and meaningful change in the world using technology.

As CEO of GetLinks, funded by Alibaba, SEEK (ASX:SEK), New World Group (HKG:17) and 500 Startups, he oversees operations across 6 countries, leading a team of 17 nationalities over 120 employees.

Djoann has previously worked as Regional Digital Marketing Executive at Rocket Internet GmBH for Lazada - Acquired by Alibaba in 2016. Prior to, he served as Marketing Consultant in EY Shanghai.

While studying Masters in Management at ESCP Europe in Paris, Djoann co-founded La Paillasse, Europe’s largest makerspace. Today Djoann keep close relationships with the technology, hacker and maker space community across US, Europe & Asia.

Djoann is the Regional Organiser for a technology networking event operating in 12 cities across Asia & supporter of Angelhack, the largest hackathon & developer community in the US.

Since 2015, Djoann have been selected as Kairos Fellow, an organisation supported by Rockefeller Family, Richard Branson & Bill Clinton to support the most innovative entrepreneurs below 25 years old.

In 2017, Djoann got awarded by Kairos K50 in New York Stock Exchange with 50 most innovative tech companies solving social impact challenges founded by young entrepreneurs worldwide, endorsed by Richard Branson.




Garrick Lau is the Assistant General Manager in Strategic Planning and Community Engagement at New World Development Company Limited (NWS). A Gen-Y and father of two children, Garrick aspires to bring happiness and fulfillment to future generations. He believes corporates have an important role to play in creating sustainable social values.

His experience covers change management and intrapreneurship, hospitality and real estate asset management, talent acquisition, employer branding, digital marketing, social innovation, shared value creation, fundraising and content development on youth development.

Garrick has led a charitable organization, which runs the largest teenage entrepreneurship education program in Hong Kong, while serving youth in the areas of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. He has also been advising organizations (e.g. Google, Bank of China, Esquel, HKUST etc.) on youth engagement and intrapreneurship. He has created a local graduates’ community of Management Trainee program applicants through social media and pioneered a new space for employer branding through content marketing.

Garrick is a certified management consultant. He has got his bachelor and master degree from the University of Hong Kong and received senior executive training from Stanford University.

Justin Li

Manager - Community Relations
Airport Authority Hong Kong


Justin is a seasoned sustainability professional skilled in technical as well as management aspects of environmental and sustainability projects for public and private sectors. He is well versed in corporate sustainability, environmental, health and safety and ESG disclosure issues and his previous employers included public utilities, blue-chip property developer, international environmental consultancy, MNC, NGO and statutory organisation. Justin is currently leading a Community Investment project for the Airport Authority which aims to address business challenges for the airport community as well as community needs.

Lee Williamson

Generation T
Asia Tatler


Lee Williamson is a Hong Kong-based journalist with a decade of experience in the Greater China region. Formerly in the editor’s chair at Time Out Beijing, he now heads up editorial for Generation T, Asia Tatler's content and events platform for the leaders of tomorrow.

Ronie Mak

Managing Director
RS Group


Ronie leads and manages the strategy, operations and development of RS Group’s activities in HK and globally. RS Group is a mid-sized HK-based family office committed to creating a paradigm shift in people’s values and priorities so that economic growth will support, instead of jeopardize, human development and environmental sustainability. Through leading and managing the deployment of the group’s capital and resources, Ronie believes that one should, and can, “invest in the future one wants to create”. She also led the incubation of the Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFI) under RS Group (http://sustainablefinance.hk/), a community platform focusing on private investors to drive demand and promote sustainable finance in HK.

Ronie is an investment banker by training with over 15 years of banking & finance experience. Prior to joining RS Group in 2014, she spent 8 years at HSBC across various roles (CEO office, Strategy, in-house M&A). During this period, she also acted as the Secretary of the Hong Kong Association of Banks in 2012. Other prior roles included corporate finance positions within KPMG, UPS and HSBC. Ronie was born in Hong Kong and graduated from the University of New South Wales in Sydney with merit and a double degree in finance and marketing, Bachelor of Commerce.

Stan Tang

Stan Group


Stan Tang is the chairman of Stan Group (Holdings) Limited (“Stan Group”), who has over ten years of experience in corporate management and property investment.

A passionate entrepreneur and recognised social innovator, Stan has established successful channels to support the professional and personal development of young entrepreneurs and actively encourages the teams working under his supervision to innovate, develop and grow. Presently, Stan and the Group are focused on pressing issues, including housing innovation, education, youth empowerment and active ageing in Hong Kong, and aim to create sustainable development strategies. In doing so, he hopes to strengthen the city’s business sector while promoting social welfare, bringing stakeholders together to make Hong Kong a better place

Stan was named Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs by Hong Kong Baptist University and "Hong Kong Social Innovator" by The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund). He is a member of the 13th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Dongguan, a committee member of the Yau Tsim Mong District Fight Crime Committee, and a co-opted Member of Task Force of The Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund, among other roles. Mr. Tang writes regular column for local newspapers on youth development, local entrepreneurial development and policy issues.


合伙人 - 审计及鉴证 / 市场与国际部

罗远江先生是德勤的合伙人-审计及鉴证 / 市场与国际部及德勤全球高科技高成长项目香港地区领导合伙人。他拥有超过十八年的审计服务及商业咨询经验,为不同类型客户提供各种不同的专业服务。如香港及新加坡的上市公司丶国有企业丶跨国企业丶及拥有超过三百年历史的家族办公室。行业包括科技丶互联网丶消费品丶制造业丶房地产丶资源业及能源业等等。

他对房地产行业之审计丶战略咨询丶集团重组丶并购丶税务咨询工作等项目有丰富经验,并曾协助多间公司成功上市融资及发行债券, 包括其中多家排名中国二十大的房地产企业丶第一家於香港交易所上市的房地产信托及商业信托。


Oliver Weisberg

Managing Partner
Blue Pool Capital


Mr. Oliver Weisberg is a Managing Partner of Blue Pool Capital, a multi-strategy investment firm based in Hong Kong. The firm invests in all the major asset classes including public and private equity and real estate globally. The firm is owned by the management and manages the assets of the management and a group of close-knit long term investors.

Before joining Blue Pool, Mr. Weisberg was a Partner at Citadel (Hong Kong) Limited, having joined the firm in 2006. Prior to joining Citadel, Mr. Weisberg was with Deutsche Bank Hong Kong where he ran the Strategic Investment Group / Distressed Products Group. Prior to that, Mr. Weisberg was with Goldman Sachs & Co in both the Asian Special Situations and Principal Investment Area divisions where he was on the team managing the firm's investments in Ping An Insurance and Alibaba.com.

Mr. Weisberg received his B.A. from Harvard College and then completed a one-year advanced Chinese language program at the Stanford University Center at National Taiwan University.

Mr. Weisberg is on the board for Teach for America's affiliate, Teach for China, where he serves as a Vice Chairman. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Harvard University Shanghai Center and the Harvard China Fund. Mr. Weisberg is on the board of the Squash Education Alliance, a member of the Lincoln Center China Advisory Council, the Chairman of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Asian Advisory Board, and a member of the Young Presidents' Organization.



蔡崇信于1999年加入阿里巴巴集团·是公司18 位创始人之一,2013年5月前一直担任首席财务官,目前担任阿里巴巴集团董宁局执行副主席,并负责阿里巴巴集团的战略收购和投责事务。自公司成立以来,蔡祟信一直担任董事会成员,是阿里巴巴合伙的创始合伙人之一,同时担任合伙人委员会成员。

蔡崇信现任多间获阿里巴巳集团投责的公司之董事,包括口碑(本地服务)、饿了么(外卖 服务)、菜鸟网络(物流)及Magic Leap。

1995至1999年,蔡崇信任职于瑞典瓦伦堡家族的主要投责公司Investor AB的香港分部从事私募股权投资。在此之前,蔡崇信为纽约管理层收购公司Rosecliff, Inc.的首席法律顾问。 1990至 1993年,他在纽约的律师事务所Sullivan& Cromwell LLP担任税务组律师。





曹先生在中国和美国两地,拥有超过二十年的风险投资、基金管理及投资银行工作经验。在建立戈壁之前,他曾是亚洲汇商的董事长,也是北京科技发展基金(中国第一支由国有企业北京控股及清华大学共同出资创建的国际创投基金)的联合创始人,并完成了对CommerceOne,MyRice和SiRF等企业的投资。此前,曹先生曾担任投资银行Dresdner Kleinwort Benson(中国)的董事,主要负责TMT行业的投资。此外,他也曾在香港海裕金融集团任职,负责公司战略,并成立了资产管理部门。曹先生的职业生涯起始于纽约,在美林证券担任相关工作。

曹先生毕业于哈佛大学经济系,并获得了经济学学士学位。他于2010年3月被选为浦东创业投资协会副主席,同时也是张江高科技园区发展委员会成员。此外,曹先生还是中国SEO 组织的创始人,该组织是一家为大学生提供暑期实习机会的非营利性机构。









黄先生拥有香港大学电机工程学士学位及香港中文大学工商管理硕士学位。他拥有超过三十年的商贸经验,曾在不同的跨国企业担任要职,先後服务於斯伦贝谢(Schlumberger)丶卡特彼勒(Caterpillar)丶艾默生电气(Emerson Electric)及通用电气(General Electric)。黄先生加盟香港科技园公司之前,於安乐工程(ATAL Engineering)担任香港行政总裁一职。黄先生经验丰富,曾於通用电器美国总部丶中国内地及亚太地区负责合并及收购丶业务发展丶产品管理丶商业运作等要职达十五年,离职前是该公司的石油天然气中国区总裁及工业系统亚太区总裁。



Gobi Partners


Chibo has been investing in early stage companies in the technology and media sectors in China for nearly a decade. He is head of the Hong Kong office and a partner of the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, which Gobi manages as the General Partner.

Chibo started his career as a strategy consultant with Monitor Group, working on projects across the ASEAN and MENA regions. He also spent time at Robert Bosch, where he was Senior Manager of Corporate Strategy in Asia Pacific.

Chibo received his B.A. in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Harvard College. He served on the Board of the Harvard Club of Shanghai for over 6 years, and still travels frequently between Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Sui Yang Phang

Managing Partner
Nest Ventures


Sui’s goal at Nest is to help corporates to innovate. With a keen awareness that no two institutions are alike, he works with partners to understand their unique innovation objectives, and to design bespoke, results-orientated programmes to suit their needs.

Prior to joining Nest, Sui spent 11 years with Citi Global Markets, first in Kuala Lumpur, and then Hong Kong. There, he helped clients to create tailored solutions in risk management and investments. Working with corporates, both large and small, financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds, Sui led deals that won industry recognition with multiple awards.

Malcolm Ong

Head of Product
South China Morning Post


Malcolm Ong is the Head of Product at the South China Morning Post (SCMP), a leading global news media company.

He joined SCMP from Lyft, a ride-sharing platform that operates in over 550 cities in the US. There, he led an array of product initiatives from Lyft.com to organic passenger and driver growth to partnerships with Fortune 500 corporations. Malcolm’s team launched Lyft’s first progressive web app (PWA), Amazon Fire app, Windows 10 app, and its iconic connected dashboard light called “Amp”. Prior to Lyft, Malcolm was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at 500 Startups, a global venture capital fund with over US$350 million in committed capital, where he advised a class of 30+ startups through the fund’s accelerator program. Before 500 Startups, Malcolm co-founded Skillshare, a NYC-based education-tech start-up, and led the product team at OMGPOP, a NYC-based gaming studio. He has also held senior technology positions at Razorfish and IBM.

Malcolm holds a BSc degree in Computer Science with a double major in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.


Vice President
Gobi Partners


Tony joined Gobi's Hong Kong office in 2016 and currently focuses on the startup eco-system in the city. He helps to manage the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund (AHKEF) and covers high potential startups within the Pearl River Delta technology ecosystem. Tony accumulated extensive experience in growing high-tech businesses from his two startups related to financial technology (FinTech) and big data for fashion. He was in charge of the overall product roadmap and management, business development, operation, technical infrastructure design & implementation, user experience design as well as fund raising of the companies.Tony received his B.Eng. in Computer Engineering and B.B.A. in Financial Engineering from the double degree programme in The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Diana Wu David

Founder and CEO
Sarana Capital / Sarana Labs


Diana Wu David is a strategist, innovator, entrepreneur, and the founder of Sarana Capital and Sarana Labs. Her companies transform how executives work and prepare them to be more entrepreneurial, resilient and successful in the face of constant change, invest in edtech and HRtech, and support innovative education initiatives across public and private sectors. Her diverse, global career includes assisting Henry Kissinger and leading executive education initiatives for Financial Times. A superconnector of people and a sought-after speaker, Diana lives in Hong Kong with her husband and their three children.






于加入花旗银行前,罗先生为Lazada Crossborder香港区行政总裁,专责发展该公司跨境商品业务。

罗先生在研究、创业投资、企业及投资银行业务及数码业务发展方面拥有20年的丰富经验。罗先生有多样化的商业背景,成功从银行业转营至策略和商业角色,并曾在NEST.VC和Lazada Crossborder经营规模庞大的在线业务。罗先生曾在美国、英国、荷兰、香港、迪拜、印度、新加坡、越南和肯尼亚工作,拥有广泛的地区经验。


Margaret Cheng

Human Resources Director

Kevin Lam

Chief Operating Officer, Corporate and Investment Banking
Citi Hong Kong