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Top 24 Hong Kong and Global JUMPSTARTERS
JUMPSTARTER 香港及環球組別24強
acesobee limited
acesobee is a HealthTech startup in developing our TeamCare Solution, a patient care planning and relationship management platform, to address the care planning and communication gap in community care support
Annoto is a video engagement platform, that turns passive 1-way video into an interactive group learning experience while providing actionable insights for lecturers and administrators
ASA Innovation & Technology Ltd
Merging art and technology, the vision of ASA is to bring unprecedented clean air performance and experience everywhere for everyone. Our product - Airluna provides the most beautiful air purifier lamp, which combined with our patented nanotechnology that eliminate pollutants at a microscopic scale.
BlueSignal HK Corporation
2018 SKT traffic analysis/forecasting algorithm consulting 2018 Selected and introduced as 3 major future innovation in AI technologies by CEO of MicroSoft Satya Nadella
Kin Technology Limited
Kin Technology Ltd is a design-oriented tech company that is currently developing a Smart Pill Dispenser for household uses. KIN provides the highest safety, convenience & independence of medication/supplement consumption solution.
Zala Ltd
QRKool is Zala Ltd’s developing mobile app, the essential value of QRKool is to organize, record, find and share your items; tasks and portfolio in a convenient and intuitive way.
Aitrak Limited
Aitrak’s AI solution delivers all the benefits of professional eye-tracking studies but with results in a minute, not days, accurately simulating what people see for almost any type of visual design.
Expro TV Inc. Limited
The only company provides service with e-sports event planning, live production and O2O effective marketing planning in Hong Kong. Not only provide conversion into direct sales for merchants, but also special offers for customers.
We are in the business of selling indie beauty products that SEA consumers want, through trusted influencers. We CURATE and CREATE beauty products for South Asia's heat and humidity, as well as religious and cultural diversity.
We guide, inspire and empower women to make important decisions in their life journey.
PlayDay is a daily live video streaming and interactive content distribution platform for massive online community.
PopSquare is a cluster of Pop-up marketplace which designers and innovators can easily setup and run their popup stores simultaneously across different locations. By taking advantage of our latest big data, computer vision, sensor fusion and machine learning technologies, we help to save up to 90% of effort and time than before.
3DK Tech Limited
3DK Tech is systematically solving the 3 major issues preventing metal printing adoption, speed, quality, material availability.
Esports Tickets Inc.
Esports Tickets is building a portal for gamers to discover events and create profiles to connect with other gamers from different games and platforms, visit to learn more.
Feles Inc.
Feles is dedicated to creating a cohesive software and hardware platform to empower people to participate in synthetic biology.
Imsight Technology
Imsight software detects disease from medical images using deep-learning technology to increase physician work efficiency and diagnostic reproducibility for improved patient care.
Inovo Robotics
We help SME business easy adopt robotics and automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Sleepace has developed into a global pioneer of smart sleep solutions. The solution manage to track your sleep data and control the household appliances in your bedroom.
InstaReM offers fintech solutions for individuals and SMEs with Zero-Margin FX rates, low fees and complete transparency, to send money to 55+ countries. InstaReM also provides a platform configurable with API for financial institutions.
Kristal Advisors (HK) Limited
Kristal.AI is a multi-country (HK/ SG/ India) licensed AI-powered Virtual Fund Manager. Investors can leverage an Artificial Intelligence based recommendation system that conducts automated and non-biased portfolio advisory and allocation (execution) based on a consolidated view of their savings.
Mellow App Limited
Positioning as an EdTech and FinTech solution and targeting a market of 340 million users in Asia, Mellow is Asia's first and only financial literacy app for families. Mellow is funded by Cyberport, and is covered by WenWeiPo, FinTech HK, etc.
OpenLegacy’s microservice-based API platform helps organizations quickly launch innovative digital initiatives to the web, mobile or cloud by automating and standardizing the process of creating digital services from core systems.
RealFIN Technology
DR.PAY, HealthFintech, An Innovative Healthcare Financial Service Platform, To Help People Can Afford for Better Healthcare Treatments and Enjoy Better Life.
SimplyGiving is a full-service crowdfunding platform that provides online giving, P2P fundraising, event ticketing, merchandising and Social Lending. We focus on combining the power of social media and technology to create sustainable social change.