Company Profile

Semi Pitch - BIG DATA | AI

Opinion Network Ltd

Sze Wa | Founder

Jeffery Liu | Founder

Have you ever left an opinion on a message board or forum and wondered what would happen to it? The fact is, your content will sink to the bottom and won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Fortunately, this is going to change.

Opinion Network aims to capture opinions from all over the internet and uses algorithms to calculate just how well-received a particular subject is. Our company brings to table the new idea of “Big Opinions”: using big data methodologies and machine learning to process opinions and try to make sense of the relationships between humans and every object in the world.

Our end goal is to completely eliminate the information cost of opinion-finding. We aim to be the opinion-equivalent of Wikipedia that is fully machine-automated. Where Wikipedia pools together all human knowledge with volunteers, we pool all human opinions via AI to form a central-opinion-nervous-system.