Company Profile

Semi Pitch - SMART CITY

Zyne Hong Kong Limited

Mr. William FU | Founder

Dr. Albert Ting Leung LEE | Founder

Dr. S.C. TAN | Founder

Prof. Shu Yuen (Ron) HUI | Founder

Dr. MOK Kwan Tat | Founder

Mr. Sitthisak KIRATIPONGVOOT | Founder

Mr. Thomas Ting Yu LEE | Founder

Our company, named Zyne Hong Kong limited, was officially founded in March 2016 by two HKU professors, two proven technology-based entrepreneurs, and three Ph.D. graduates with strong industrial experience. The main objective of this company is to develop innovative LED lighting solutions. Our company’s ZoLi™ and Li4Life™lighting solutions enable intelligent lighting and fast and easy deployment of true Internet of Things (IoT). Our team members have a proven track record of developing cutting-edge technology and can commercialize and promote this technology. We are keen on becoming a leading solution provider for intelligent LED lighting embedded with wireless communication technology.