Company Profile

Semi Pitch - SMART CITY

Pear Limited

Alan Zhuang | Founder


Pear Limited focuses on the next-generation fog computing technology which enables billions of smart devices to share computing, storage and bandwidth resources easily. Pear Fog is not only a descending cloud – a pool of computing, networking and storage resources across the core through to the edge of the Internet, but also a new and improved powerful peer-to-peer(P2P) system incorporated within a crowd-sourced paradigm, providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS), or Software as a Service(SaaS). Conforming to the “XaaS” (X-as-a Service) philosophy, incorporating the crowdsourcing paradigm, and agglomerating the Sharing economy, Pear is able to scale up a network with a pool of resources, to provide reliable services and make a subset of fog touching the ground.

Besides providing Fog CDN service, Pear is also developing and implementing business-friendly Cloud-fog services such as Cloud/Fog WebRTC service, Fog email delivery (EDM), Fog VPN and Fog Computing for IoT with crowdsourcing that will help some giant CPs and CDNs cut their costs and provide better services to end-users. Pear is willing to scale up a network with general end-users, leading operators (e.g., ISPs), content providers (CPs e.g. online video sites), CDNs, hardware (e.g., smart Wi-Fi routers, TV-boxes, projectors, miniPCs) manufactures. Pear wishes to benefit all parties with its innovative technology and business model.