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Koios Fintech Limited

Cynthia Zhu | Founder

Oscar Hui | Founder

Kean Tan | Founder

Nan Yang | Founder

Dennis Wong | Founder

Edison Chok | Founder

Tina Ding | Founder

Kitty Luo | Founder

Koios is a leading robo-advisor that provides online asset management services to both individual and institutional investors. Koios attracts leading experts and talents in the field and employs state of the art financial technologies, with the aim to provide low-cost, transparent, reliable, and efficient automated asset management services to investors. Koios not only assists individual and institutional investors with decision making and enhances investment risk management, but also improves the overall investment experiences of investors. Moreover, Koios adds value to the industry by enhancing the transparency of the investment decision making process, which in turn increases the responsibility of the portfolio managers. This may improve overall reliability of the financial sector, and contribute to the long-term development of a harmonious society.