Company Profile

Semi Pitch - ROBOTICS

Ales Tech

Luca Cesaretti | Founder

Lorenzo Andrea Parrotta | Founder

Andrea Paraboschi | Founder

Antonio Davola | Founder


Ales Tech’s mission is to enable the future of transportation through the development of key mechatronics technologies. Ales Tech focuses on a critical element: the interface between the vehicle and the ground.

In 2016 the company launched ALES, an innovative active suspension technology for the Hyperloop, the revolutionary high-speed system proposed by Elon Musk. ALES has been intensively tested during the first Hyperloop Pod Competition at SpaceX headquarters.

Now Ales Tech aims to revolutionize the traditional railway industry with IRONLEV, a groundbreaking magnetic levitation technology. IRONLEV replaces wagons’ wheels with a new system that provides magnetic levitation on preexisting rail tracks, cutting down energy and maintenance costs and reshuffling a $160 billion industry without calling for a new infrastructure.