Company Profile

Semi Pitch - ROBOTICS


Mr. Chan Kwun Hung | Founder

Dr. Ng Cheuk Kwong | Founder

AgRobot is a plug-n-plant system that automatically grows plants & food and is controlled by smartphone with the help of sensors, visual recognition and AI for consumers and teaching.

AgRobot is also a tool to teach students the robotic, coding as well as farming and life science. It is modified a 3D printer-like automated farming robot based on open-sourced CNC farming machine – Farmbot. 

Our key technology is feedback-plating AI system by monitoring the health of the plant with sensor grids (e.g. Soil sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pH sensor, Infrared sensor and visual recognition (e.g. e.g. HD camera and specific filtered camera).  

The visual recognition data are analyzed by machine learning with Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).